2022.2. ISO 13485certification for Immunological IVD Grade 4

2022.2. CE mark approval for Good Ag COVID-19 Antigen rapid test

2021.12 : Rapid antigen kit medical device manufacturing approval pending – Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

2021.02: ISO 9001:2015 Certification
ISO 13485:2016 Certification

2020.11:Certified GMP manufacturing facility

2020.8. GG COVID-19 Quadplex Multiplex PCR KFDA approval
6.GG COVID-19 Quadplex Multiplex PCR USPTO patent approval

2020.05: COVID-19 PCR Medical Device Manufacturing Permission Acquired – Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

GG COVID-19 Quadplex Multiplex PCR FDA EUA submission

2019.02: ISO 13485:2016 Certification

2018 12 Cell bank continued accreditation
10 One world clinic collaboration with Miami clinics

2017 11 Chinese FDA HPV DNA chip approval and collaboration
10 GG STD chip CAP conference prize award

2015. Cellgenmedix Corp Started for USA distribution

2014 Diamedi Clinic – Korean Clinical Laboratory accreditation program pass

2012 Meditel GOODCELL cell bank start

2011 01 KFDA “GG STD DNA CHIP” certification
12 KFDA “GG HPV DNA microarray” certification

2009 04 AUA 2009 presentation
Medlab laboratory found
MD Anderson HPV DNA chip clinical trial. (collaboration)
Baylor Medicine Bladder cancer DNA chip clinical trial (collaboration)

2008 03 Medplan DNA Chip, PCR Kit, Scanner supply contract
05 Diagnostic kit and Chip’ ISO 13485:2003/AC 2007 certification
06 Biochip and chip scanner patent approval
2007 03 DNA Chip KFDA certification
04 Hamchun hospital laboratory certification
06 Korean genetic

2006. 01 MOU with Innocell(Cellular Therapy Company)
06. 04 Strategic Alliance with Shinwon Medical Institute
06. 04 Strategic Alliance with Lotte Card Co., Ltd.
06. 08 Sales Commitment with Samsung Techwin(PCR Instrument & DNA chip)
06. 10 Contract with Medcrane Company in Beijing (Sales Commitment & Technology Royalty)

2005. 02 Registered as a Gene Inspection Institute at Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea
05. 05 Certificate of ISO /KSA 14001
05. 10 Awarded for Excellent Technology in 13th NEW TECH KOREA (by Korea Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy)
05. 10 Awarded for Grand Prize in 2005 Digital Innovation Award
05. 10 Awarded for Grand Prize in Management Innovation Award in the field of Cancer Gene Diagnosis

2004. 04 Technology Alliance with HamChoon Womens Clinic
04. 08 Strategic Alliance with PMC JAPAN for Cancer, Prostatitis and Venereal diagnosis
04. 10 Certificate of ISO 9001:2000 / KSA 9001:2001

2003. 02 Initiate Diagnosis and Storage Business of Cord Blood
03. 03 Initiate Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer and Venereal disease
03. 10 Awarded for Bronze Medal in 11th NEW TECH KOREA (by Korea Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy)

2002. 01 Strategic Alliance with KBL, Co. and Initiate Cancer Diagnosis Business in Kyonggi and Seoul Territory
02. 03 Patent pending, Multiplex Oliogo DNA Chip for Examination of Methylation
02. 12 Contract with C.S.L for marketing to Diagnose of Womens Cancer and Storage Service for Core Blood Storage

2001. 03 Strategic Alliance and Contract as a Sales Agent (Exclusivity in Asia Territory) with ASPER, Co. (Estonia)

2000. 04 Establishment of Goodgene Corporation
00. 08 Development of Tumor Suppressor Gene for Gene Therapy
00. 08 Development of Cancer Diagnostic kit (DNA Chip/PCR)

1999. 07 Establishment of Pyong-Ya Biotechnology Research Center