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Fast, Reliable, and cost-effective COVID-19 testing

Confirmatory Real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT -PCR) test 

Great sensitivity and specificity in diverse clinical specimens such as naso/oropharyngeal swabs and sputum.

Unparalleled linearity of 0.9929~0.9999 (Correlation coefficient; R2) in concentrations ranging from 10^1~7 copies/ul

Limit of Detection of 10~30 copies/uL even in sputum.

Korean FDA approved for use and compatible with the most common Real Time PCR machines in the laboratory

US patent filed/South Korea patent filed (USPTO; 63022403)

Original sequence for all molecular targets

In the final stages of US FDA EUA approval with FDA application submitted since March 2020

ISO 13485 certified manufacturing process and quality management


(1) GG Primer/probes

(2) GG Postive (ORF, RdRP, and N gene of COVID-19) and internal controls 

(3) Reverse transcription (RT)-PCR premix (one step reverse transcriptase/Hot Taq, RT-PCR buffer, RNase free water)

(4) RNA extraction kit (Usually not included)

Flexible setup, obtainable all over the world with minimal shipping cost & volume

  1. Buy (1) and (2) only from Korea and buy commercial premix and RNA extraction kit from other companies in your home country: quickest and cheapest 
  2. Buy (1), (2), (3) from Korea and use commerical RNA extraction kit from other companies in your home country: convenient and relatively fast shipping
  3. Buy all 4 from us: shipping may take too long but you don’t have to deal with multiple distributors.
  4. (1), (2) and (3) can delivered by FEDEX/DHL within ~72 hours (Seoul-New York) inside box filled with dry ice.

Cellgenemedix and Goodgene Korea

We are a biotech company based in the United States and co-manufacturer and distributor of Goodgene, Inc, based in Seoul, South Korea which was cGMP certified by Korean FDA and ISO 13485. Good Gene, InC has been manufacturing and selling a number of molecular testing tools including PCR kits and DNA microarrays for the detection of infectious disease, cancer and guiding genomic information-based tailor-made treatment of infectious diseases and cancers for ~20 years. Because we sell a vital component of the COVID-19 test, it is flexible and adjustable to most machines and reagents you already use in most molecular laboratories.

GG Respiratory Panel DNA Microarray (Including COVID-19)

Lower respiratory specimens

Lower respiratory tract specimens (1)Bronchoalveolar lavage, tracheal aspirate -2 to 3 mL should be collected in a sterile, leak-proof, screw-cap sputum collection cup or sterile,

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Purchase and Delivery

Purchase and Delivery Reagents: (1) GG Primer/probes (2) GG Postive (ORF, RdRP and N gene of COVID-19) and internal controls (3) Reverse transcription (RT)-PCR premix

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