The gene bank stores genetic drugs, genetic vaccines and carrier molecule of genetic drugs and vaccines as described below in proper condition and it will prepare and provide final gene drug/vaccine materials for therapy when requested from clinic.

  1. Genetic drug
    • Genetic drug is a drug made of gene (i.e. DNA or RNA). The gene to be administered is packaged inside a kind of vector which carries genes into cells, induces production of therapeutic molecule (usually protein), which effect and treat disease which develop due to defect of this gene.
    • A variety of therapeutic genes will be provided by clinic
      • in cases with cancer, it can be cancer killing genes or cancer growth-suppressing genes (e.g. TRAIL, p53, p16, antisense RAS, etc), cancer vessel-blocking genes (antisense VEGF), or immunity-stimulating genes (e.g. interleukin-2 or IL2, IL12, IL18, IL24, interferon-alpha or gamma, etc).
    • Genetic drugs are administered in complex with carrier molecules.
  2. Genetic Vaccine
    • Genetic vaccine is a vaccine in the form of DNA. A variety of genetic vaccines will be provided to patients of One World Clinic. It will target key molecules of target cancer as detected by genomic test of cancer cells.
    • All the important key markers or antigens of cancer of a variety of types will be target of genetic vaccines
      • CEA, AFP, CA19-9, CA125, CA15-3, beta-HCG, mucin, mammaglobin, thyroglobulin, MAGE, EGF receptor, Her-2, VEGF, FLK, etc.
    • Viral genes can be also target, such as antigen of hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, human immunodeficiency virus, human papillomavirus, COVID-19, etc.
    • These genetic vaccines are therapeutic vaccines (effective to treat existing diseases), in contrast to other forms of vaccines which are used just to protect or prevent future diseases, but can’t treat existing diseases.
    • The vaccine is a polygenic vaccine, which can induce immunity to multiple (not single as in other vaccine) antigenic markers simultaneously.
    • These vaccines are highly useful to treat cancers which are highly variant and develop resistance with therapy.
    • Genetic vaccines are administered in complex with cytokines (IL2, IL12, GM-CSF, etc) and adjuvant carrier molecules.

3. Cytokine therapy

    • Cytokines are small proteins that carry messages between cells and are known to play a critical role in the body’s response to inflammation and immune attack
    • Cytokines act on every phase of the cancer immunity cycle. Thus, cytokines can improve antigen priming, increase the number of effector immune cells in the TME and enhance their cytolytic activity
    • IL-2 for metastatic melanoma and renal cell carcinoma (FDA approved)
    • IFN-α for the adjuvant therapy of Stage III melanoma (FDA approved)