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Our lab aims to solve mysteries in the regulation of biological functions by utilizing reversible aging mechanisms and senolytics. We are seeking to understand its underlying mechanism, relevant enzymes, physiological role, and disease association caused by malfunctions. Below are some mechanisms of aging.

Aging traits
Primary InjuryGenomic
Nuclear DNA
Somatic mutation accumulations in Nuclear DNA
Chromosomal aneuploidy
Deficiency in DNA repair mechanism
Mitochondrial DNA
mutations and deletion in aged mtDNA oxidative microenvironment
Nuclear Architecture
Cause of InjuryTelomere
Loss of the regenerative capacity of tissue
Epigenetic alterationsHistone modifications
DNA methylation
Chromatin Remodeling
Transcriptional alterations
Reversion of epigenetic changes
Loss of
Chaperone-mediated protein folding and stability / protein
Antagonistic characteristicsDeregulated nutrient sensingInsulin/IGF-1 signaling mTOR, AMPK and Sirtuins
Mitochondrial dysfunctionReactive oxygen species (ROS)
Mitochondrial integrity and biogenesis mitohormesis
Reaction to injuryCellular senescenceIncrease of senescent cell with aging
INKa/ARF locus and p53
Phenotype inducerStem cell exhaustion Decline in the regenerative potential of tissue
Decline in the regenerative potential of tissue
Altered intercellular communicationInflammation etc

One of the major goals in Hilly Clinic is to provide a special anti-aging, well being (AW) health care membership to VIPs of all over the world which can extend life span and provide longevity (“100 years in a healthy condition”). The members of health care will come and stay in medical resort on a regular schedule. The cornerstone of Hilly Clinic is tailor made medicine (“personalized medicine”).

During their stay, they will get a comprehensive genetic testing which detect and predict major aging related diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, brain diseases, liver diseases, kidney diseases, etc. They may also store their immune cells and stem cells in the cell bank. Depending on the result of comprehensive genetic testing, tailor made health care plan will be made and applied to members, which will include guide of tailor made diet and life style and tailor made, best quality nutraceutical, preventive and treatment of aging related diseases by using drugs, cells, vaccines, etc provided by clinic.

Members of Hilly Clinic include people who are interested in life time boutique medical care. This in an environment where patients can stay together with their family members to get service of resort and medical care. These medical resort services can be a major attraction point for patients and their families. It also can be extended to a special “nursing home” where patients with chronic debilitating diseases such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease can stay for long time in the most comfortable condition while getting special treatment provided by clinic.

For example, in case a preclinical condition or invisible, early cancerous lesion is found by genetic test and its markers are identified, a tailor made immunotherapy program (combining immune cells, vaccines, cytokines, antibodies, etc) in addition to nutraceuticals, education of change of life style and diet may be provided. On request, members may enjoy additional special medical care which can solve problems such as erectile dysfunction, hair loss, aging of skin, failure to reach orgasm, etc, which will remarkably improve their quality of life. We already have locations in Seoul and Jeju Island In South Korea and plan to do this project in Mongolia, Mexico, and Kazakhstan.

NumberName of serviceContents of service
1Genetic TestsCancer (routine)
Antiaging/wellbeing/ nutrition (routine)
Infection (routine)
Skin/esthetics (female)
Hair (male or female, optional)
Erectile function (male, optional)
2Tailor made health guideGuide life style/ diet/ exercise
Psychiatric support/ consultation
3Tailor made nutritional support ( Nutrigenomics Gene Test)nutrigenomicsProvide individualized nutritional agents depending on each people’s genetic and genomic data
4Cell bankingStore PBMC,
Storage of fatty tissue,
Culture and store natural killer cell
Culture and store stem cell (from blood and/or fat)
5Cell therapyImmune therapy, stem cells, cell vaccines
6Personalized therapy and Quality of life improvementTailor made esthetics and skin care (female)
Tailor made hair care (optional)
Erectile function improvement (optional in male)
Improve reaching orgasm (optional in female)
7Resort and accomodationStay in resorts and hospitals affiliated with our facility



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