Precision BIO

What we do

Cellgenemedix InC is a startup made in 2020 with goals in serving medical science and distributing medical diagnostic and therapeutic products made in the Republic of Korea. Our Mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Whether our customers are accelerating life sciences research, solving complex analytical challenges, increasing productivity in their laboratories, improving patient health through diagnostics or the development and manufacture of life-changing therapies, we are here to support them. Our team delivers a combination of innovative technologies, purchasing diagnostic and pharmaceutical services through our brands, including Cellgenemedix, Precision Bio, Diamedi Clinic, Hilly PMC Clinic. Precision Bio is a new brand we made to focus on cancer diagnostics and manufacturing products targeted for international export to the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

In summary, Precision Bio is a South Korean medical device manufactural company where we manufacture therapeutic & diagnostic products for international & domestic use. We have innovative products in personalized cancer therapy, immunotherapy, stem cell therapy, and longevity medicine, also provided in Hilly PMV Clinic, SouthKorea.

MATCH test

We have PCR, liquid biopsy, and next generation sequencing-based technology, which is a “Molecular Assay for Treatment CHoice” (so called “MATCH test” or “Cansolution Test”) which can identify a number of key molecules which play important role in controlling sensitivity or resistance of individual cancer to cancer therapy including anticancer drug (such as chemotherapeutic drug, molecular targeting drug, antibody drug, immune check point inhibitors), immunotherapy or radiation therapy.

Our Services

We are affiliated with Hilly PMC clinic for our therapeutics. We develop and manufacture our diagnostic products through Precision Bio which is then distributed through Cellgenemedix.

TherapeuticsTailor made combination therapy

Guide to choose right chemo drug, cells based on genomics of individual targets.

Service 1

Find out optimal therapy for patients who have failed therapy in other clinics

Service 2

Treat diseases deemed impossible or difficult to treat by standard therapy

Service 3

Diagnosis and treatment by using gene (genetic test and gene drugs)

Service 4

Continuity of medicine from treatment to prevention and control

Diagnostics – NGS

Nanopore technology

Currently in development of state of the art third generation DNA/ RNA/ biopolymer sequencing.

Illumina technology

Traditional Illuminal NGS for Personalized Precision medicine. Transcriptome & expression profiling in progress.