Tailor made health care and treatment

Genetic and genomic profile of each human being is unique. About 0.5% of DNA sequence of genome of human beings is different from each other. This difference in genetic sequence (so called “SNP”) decides difference of each people, for example, color of skin, eye, height, etc. It also decides how each individual reacts to diet, environment and drug.

For example, regarding diet and nutrition, we know that omega-3 is good and protects from a lot of diseases (such as cardiovascular diseases). However, depending on genetic profile of each people, some people (e.g. with specific genotype of ALOX5 gene) actually show higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases if they are given too much omega-3.

Some people show decrease of body weight with exercise, but others never lose weight despite exercise, for whom diet and calorie restriction is mandatory. These examples show that tailor made diet/ life style/ exercise care depending on genomic test of each individuals is mandatory to make human beings healthy and live long time.

Regarding disease, for example, cancer, each cancer is different from each other. Lung cancer is different from colon cancer. Lung cancer of patient A is different from that of patient B. Cancer cells in same patient are also different depending on whether they are in lung or spread to bone or brain. Even cancer cells in same location (e.g. lung) of same patient are composed of so many different clones. Each clone of cancer cells act differently to chemotherapy. This is the reason why doctors fail by blind chemotherapy (i.e. chemo drugs are given in combination and in high dose even without knowledge they are effective and more importantly safe) and fail again even after success by initial chemotherapy. These show need of genomic test which can guide adequate, tailor made chemotherapy of advanced cancer. Thus, these are the modalities we suggest based on the tests we run even before the patient arrives based on paraffin-embedded blocks of cancer tissue we acquire even before the patient comes in.

(GROUP 1 TREATMENT MODALITIES) Tailor made drug therapy by using conventional chemo drugs selected by gene test. These drugs will be purchased from drug companies in USA and, if possible, be administered in a way that it can be reimbursed by insurance in USA. 

 (GROUP 2 TREATMENT MODALITIES) Tailor made drug therapy by using molecular targeting drug & targeted antibodies. such as erbitux, avastin, herceptin, iressa, tykerb, etc. 

 (GROUP 3 TREATMENT MODALITIES) Native immune cell therapy, including natural killer (NK) cell and NK/T cell or cytokine induced killer (CIK) cell.

 (GROUP 4 TREATMENT MODALITIES)  Adaptive immune cell therapy, including dendritic cell and CAR-T cell. 

 (GROUP 5 TREATMENT MODALITIES) Genetic vaccines  

(GROUP 6 TREATMENT MODALITIE) Cytokine gene drug

 (GROUP 7 TREATMENT MODALITIES) Tumor suppressor gene drugs 

(GROUP 8 TREATMENT MODALITIES) other treatment methods not included above. 

  These include stem cell therapy, radiation therapy, surgical therapy, special means of gene therapy such as antisense gene therapy, etc.