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One world Clinic Nutrition and Esthetics

One world Clinic Nutrition and Esthetics

SNP testing for personalized nutrition and quality of life improvement (For investigational use only)

    • Nutrigenomics Gene Test
      • test to prevent disease and to keep the body healthy by researching the relationship between food intake and genes as data shows that several specific nutrition could effect gene modification
      • study to research how foods effect health and with the goal to cure disease and to keep a healthy mind and body
      • tailor-made health supplements ; people of different genetic combination need different treatments and different supplements.
    • Tailor made esthetics and skin care, hair care
      • show the condition of skin aging, moisture, whitening and elasticity (wrinkle)
      • test the reason of alopecia and predicts progress of alopecia:DNMT1,BMP2, ephrinA3, PGDS, PGD2, BDNF, neurotrophin-3 protein, neural growth factor-β, ASS1 and GSN
      • androgenic alopecia vs stress and environment/test the genes related to the androgen signaling

Related GG patents:

  1. New skin gene card to reliably store nucleic acid and genetic analysis method using this (analysis procedures) and its applications (KR20080031590A): utilizing chitosan, diagnosis of AP-1, NF-κB, c-jun, CCN1, TGF-β, TNF-α, MMP-1, fillagrin, paxillin, HMG CoA reductase, acetyl CoA carboxylase, SPT, procollagen-1, SOD-2, GXP-1, AQP-3 in the skin and its epigentic changes
  2. Skin Sampling Kit Which Stores Nucleic Acids In Stable Status, Genetic Test
    Methods By Using The Kit And Their Practical Application (US20110033842)
  3. An ointment composition and film comprising aqueous chitosan and heparin, and wound management products (KR20020066024A)


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