KFDA / Patent / ISO 9001, 13485 and CE

ISO certification stadards achieved for the production process

CE mark acquired for GG COVID-19 RT-PCR & Good Ag test for European and world market (3/2020)

Our products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP). We follow recommendations of the ISO 9001 & 13485 (international standard), Health Canada and the EU CE mark (European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.), and we adhere to Quality Assurance Guidelines.
We perform toxicity, microbiological, temperature and stability tests on all therapeutics. Every product has been researched and tested by our team of laboratory and medical professionals before it’s approved for sale.
We have research facilities and hospitals where we may perform state of the art molecular studies and therapies and have achieved US and international patents and CE mark for a variety of our products.


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