GG Pan-Res Virus DNA chip

By using US-patented DNA microarray technology, GoodGene has developed a novel DNA microarray which can detect clinically important respiratory virus in entirety which can infect humans or both human and animals. (NOT AVAILABLE IN THE US, approved for research use in Europe and Asia)

Although commonly used, PCR/Sequencing is labor intensive and impractical for high throughput screening of respiratory diseases required in clinical laboratories. The FDA-approved real-time PCR tests are effective for qualitative detection, but notable for two major limitations 1) constrained spectrum of bacterias/viruses detected, and 2) non-specific dichotomous result. These limitations, therefore, urge the development of a comprehensive, sensitive, specific, automated test that has broad clinical applications from epidemiological surveillance to vaccine development.

This Pan-Res Virus DNA chip can detect and genotype respiratory viruses including different types of influenza viruses, respiratory syncytial viruses, adenoviruses, rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, and COVID-19.

It is a semi-automated assay and takes around 3 hours for two or three laboratory scientists to test hundreds of sample. The novel array in comparison to direct DNA sequencing offers the greatest specificity and breadth of detection for known single and mixed infections. To extend and translate this work to into the clinical realm, we are searching for laboratories to collaborate for the commercialization and widespread use of microarray technology for respiratory viruses genotyping.

Example of STD GG DNA microarray by our company:

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To collaborate with us for this DNA microarray:

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