Diamedi Clinic Laboratory

  1. Cancer testing
    • Mainstay of personalized cancer treatment
    • cancer cells from the tissue specimen from biopsies and surgery
    • circulating tumor cells (CTCs)
    • from cancer patients even when the tumor mass is too small to be visible by radiologic study or endoscopy.
    • PCR, reverse transcription PCR, real time PCR, methylation specific PCR followed by sequencing, DNA microarray and bisulfite genomic sequencing, whole genome sequencing
    • ELISA immunoassay and proteomic assay.
  2. STD testing including HPV testing
    • multiplex PCR and multiplex real time PCR have limitations due to increased cost and factors such as primer dimers, low amplification efficiency, or electrophoresis related inaccuracy
    • Sequencing provides the most in-depth, unbiased information, and is able to reveal completely novel organisms
    • Microarrays occupy a middle ground between PCR and sequencing with respect to cost, processing time, sensitivity, specificity and ability to detect novel organisms
    • GG STD genotyping DNA microarray and GG HPV genotyping DNA microarray
  3. SNP testing for personalized medicine and quality of life improvement
    • Nutrigenomics Gene Test: to prevent disease and to keep your body healthy by researching the relationship between food intake and genes as data shows that several specific nutrition could effect gene-modification
    • Tailor made esthetics and skin care, hair care
    • Erectile function improvement and Improve reaching orgasm (hormone test, stem cell therapy)

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