A cell bank is a repository or collection of cells that are derived from a single cell source, such as a cell line or primary cell culture. These cells are carefully maintained and preserved under controlled conditions, allowing researchers and manufacturers to have a renewable and consistent source of cells for various applications, including scientific research, drug development, biotechnology, and production of therapeutic products. It can be done through public-unrelated/universal-donor (allogenic) cell banking or autologous-source cell banking.

The art of mastering cell bank production requires expertise, innovation and exquisite attention to detail. We are planning to offer GMP-compliant storage of cells in a liquid nitrogen vapor phase storage system or in an Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer. We will also offer 24/7 monitoring of facilities.

Cellgenemedix laboratories offers a comprehensive package of safety testing services in the areas of microbiology, genetic stability, viral safety and cord blood cells to support our cell banking capabilities. All of these services are provided with strict adherence to cGMP requirements and are designed to fully support the testing of your biopharmaceutical product, including the testing of raw materials, cell lines, unprocessed bulk, purified bulk and final product.

Our cGMP-compliant facilities include multiple Grade A/B suites and ISO 7 clean rooms with ISO 5 critical areas and is in Seoul, South Korea. We have 10 years expertise in this area and have stored cord stem cells, human, animal and plant derived cells.

Not in United States, inquire here for further information.


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